BMW Motorcycle Magazine, Summer 2012, Available Now

BMW Motorcycle Magazine, Summer 2012, Available Now

The Summer 2012 BMW Motorcycle Magazine is now available and brings you first an on- and off-road test of the new G650GS Sertão. Like the F650GS Dakar before it, BMW has upgraded their single cylinder machine with a more “wilderness”-ready model variant. Read all about the improvements as well as how it got its name and then take a ride on the new GS with BMW Motorrad Motorsport race champion Marco Melandri through the Australian outback.

Next we feature road tests of the amazing new C-Class, the C650GT and C600 Sport scooters. Can BMW bring their sense of style and engineering to a new segment of two-wheelers? Some will find these a good alternative to a motorcycle while others will simply find them to be better motorcycles.

There’s no single recipe for building the perfect café racer. Whether you’re adding a little Cream and Sugar to your coffee or just the right part to your custom creation, it’s a very individual process. Even for two friends and airhead enthusiasts. They shared many similar thoughts and parts but their creations are very individual.

Individuality also applies to BMW’s HP series of motorcycles. Factory creations which were designed to be exclusive high performance machines. Of them, the HP2 Megamoto is perhaps the most misunderstood. Andrew Macpherson knew he had to have one as soon as he saw it. The exclusivity of having one of just 106 imported into all of North America didn’t stop him from making it more individual.

The BMW S1000RR is a success on the race track thanks, in large part, to its incredible engine. Martin Franitza saw the potential of that engine to power not just a two-wheeler but a three-wheeler. He didn’t just attach a hack to a supberbike, however, he created a Super Car.

If modern sidecars aren’t your thing, we also have an amazing café racer with a beautiful Steib sidecar. But this article is about more than the machine, it’s also about how this couple enjoys using it as a piece of Gymnastic Equipment to get the most out of driving a sidecar on the road.

Our long term R1200R test bike has reached 12,000 miles in just nine month of use. How does the test of time affect the BMW roadster? We have the answer along with our tests of five different mufflers and three different brands of tires. Which make for a better driving experience and which just makes for a lighter wallet?

Also in our garage, we have 20 essential accessories to Gear Up Your GS. Michael Bartz shares his list of indispensable products from his experience outfitting six BMW GS motorcycles. The BMW GS is well-known for traveling the globe but it’s not a perfect adventure bike. Whether you’re a newbie or a veteran, this is the list to check out before taking off on that first adventure.

Also in this issue: The tech behind Lithium-ion batteries and smart chargers, a lesson on mastering the throttle, a mechanic’s tips for raising a bike from the dead, hot weather riding apparel tests and great destination rides along the Atlantic and Pacific coasts. Plus our annual trip to the Dealer Expo to bring the newest gear arriving soon at a dealership near you.

Check out all the news from BMW-land in our Summer 2012 issue. BMW Motorcycle Magazine can be ordered as a subscription or single issue from our online shop for delivery to your door or digitally to your iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. Copies are also available through bookstores, newsstands and select dealerships.

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