Edwin Features BMWs in Latest Promo Film

Edwin Features BMWs in Latest Promo Film

The Edwin clothing company is featuring several classic BMW motorcycles and an automobile in their latest moody promo film. Edwin was founded in Japan in 1969 to manufacturer jeans and now sells a range of men’s and women’s clothing through stores in Europe, Asia and Australia. The film was shot in the UK late last autumn to promote their Fall/Winter 2012 Collection — although, to be honest, with all the “mood” we can’t tell you anything about the clothing after viewing the film. But the bikes are nice.

Hugo Jezegabel of Blitz Motorcycles next to his R80/7 called "Solo Seat."
Fred Jourden riding his R100/7 he calls "The Green Hornet."

The unique BMW custom motorcycles were built by Fred Jourden and Hugo Jezegabel from Paris-based Blitz Motorcycles which has acquired a reputation for creating edgy, exciting custom bikes. We featured one of their creations in our Spring 2012 magazine.

Fred is riding an R100/7 called ‘The Green Hornet’ which was itself inspired by ‘Black Beauty’ – the car driven by the Green Hornet in the cult 60s TV series. The bike is dramatically shortened and is rather iconoclastic, as it is equipped with many interesting parts from a variety of sources, including an original condition duck blue 1970s Honda tank with scratches and dents; a headlight from a 1970s rally car, handlebar from a Triumph, homemade seat and side covers, and a tail light from a 1950s bicycle.

Hugo is at the controls of a BMW R80/7 that he calls ‘Solo Seat’. It is his everyday bike in Paris and features a Jubilee Toaster tank from a R75/5, “anti-girlfriend” double spring-mounted single seat and many equestrian leather details. For the road riding on this film, the BMW was equipped with Deluxe tires from Firestone although it has changed quite a bit since then as Hugo transformed it into an ‘off-road fighter’ to enter the last GS Trophy France competition, where it won the Classic class.

Sebastien Lorenz, the marketing manager for BMW Motorrad France, also makes an appearance in the film on his one-off custom R75/5 called ‘The DustBeemer’. This interesting bike has been lowered at both front and rear, and equipped with a big ‘gran turismo’ dustbin fairing inspired by the GP bikes from the 1950s. It also features period perfect Wixom Ranger fiberglass saddlebags made in Long Beach, California, back in the 1970s. Like many ‘specials’, there is still work to complete on The DustBeemer, including a better paint job than the current satin black ‘spray can’ finish.

Sebastien Lorenz, marketing manager for BMW Motorrad France, aboard his R75/5 "The DustBeemer" with its dustbin fairing.

Interestingly, as well as using a current model R1200RT as a camera bike, much of the action footage was shot from inside and outside of a rare 1502 BMW two-door sports sedan from 1974 – a precursor to the famed 3 series – that belongs to Mark Amos and, thanks to its LPG gas conversion, had been driven all the way up from southern England to the Peak District in Derbyshire.

In typically autumnal British weather, the film features the crew (all friends in real life we’re told) layered up in lots of heavy Edwin clothing with wide-angle shots used to show the rugged beauty of the area and sense of camaraderie among the bikers and car passengers, while contrasting with close-up shots of the team enjoying the warmth of a night time campfire.

For Reynald Gautier, Creative Director of Edwin-Europe, “The film seeks to convey an ever evolving recollection of time, with the clothing becoming the rivets that bond the friends’ lives to the memories they create.” Check out the film below and see for yourself.

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