“One World. One R1200GS” Winners Announced

“One World. One R1200GS” Winners Announced

It’s been decided. The jury has selected five winners to each ride one of five motorcycling tours in Asia, Africa, New Zealand, America or Europe aboard the new R1200GS water-boxer. BMW Motorrad’s ‘Ride of your Life’ competition attracted thousands of entries from across the globe, making it difficult for the high-profile jury to make their final decision and choose the five candidates who will benefit from this money-can’t-buy experience aboard the eagerly-awaited new motorcycle. The jury consisted of American actor and film producer Adrien Brody; fellow Hollywood actor Rick Yune; British adventurer, travel writer and actor Charley Boorman; and Dakar Rally winner and German expert rider Jutta Kleinschmidt.

The jury: Adrien Brody, Rick Yune, Charley Boorman and Jutta Kleinschmidt.

Taking on the One World. One R1200GS Ride of a Lifetime are Herbert Unger, 49, from Germany; Stephane Gautronneau, 39 from France; Alessio Cigolini, 34, from Italy; Salvador Echevarria, 41, from Spain and Stephanie Rowe, 25, from the United Kingdom. The five lucky individuals have only just been informed and will be sharing this welcome early Christmas present with friends, family and what will surely become a growing social media network of GS enthusiasts. Info about the winners and the their rides will be posted on BMW’s website, Facebook and Twitter.

Herbert Unger
Stephane Gautronneau
Alessio Cigolini
Salvador Echevarria
Stephanie Rowe

Surprise, surprise for Ride of your Life winner Stephanie

There was an extra surprise in store for Stephanie Rowe, from the UK. The aspiring enduro competition rider who works in the motorcycle industry was asked to attend a final selection interview at the BMW Motorrad Park Lane dealership in central London. Upon arriving, Stephanie was met by One World jury member Charley Boorman.

The GS adventurer then asked Stephanie to sit down under the pretence of a formal interview so that he could decide if she had what it takes to complete a tour through Spain, France, Italy, Austria and Germany, crossing both the Pyrenees and the Alps before arriving to a heroes’ welcome at the BMW headquarters in Munich.

Boorman kept the suspense going until even he could bear it any longer, and so informed Stephanie that she was indeed the chosen one from thousands of entries in the UK alone – and many more worldwide.

Initially, Stephanie was lost for words and completely overcome with emotion, but once she was able to compose herself, she had this to say about her good fortune: “This is unbelievable for me; I never usually win anything. I’m really looking forward to riding the new R1200GS. I’ve ridden the current model but have been reading a lot about this new one – especially all the changes compared to its predecessor – and I can’t wait to try it for myself. This is a very special adventure and I’ll be making sure I share it with as many people as possible by blogging and using Facebook and Twitter to document my travels.”


Charley also presented Stephanie with a unique branded BMW Rallye 3 suit and Enduro Pro helmet, as well as a set of branded ‘One World’ t-shirts, fleeces and a jacket. New BMW Motorrad UK Marketing Manager Lee Nicholls also gave Stephanie an overview of the route she’ll be following early in 2013 as part of the build up to the launch of the new R1200GS.

Watch a quick video of Charley breaking the news to Stephanie:

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  1. http://bmwmcmag.com/2012/12/one-worl…ners-announced

    Actually the contest was:

    ONE European Union…ONE R1200GS.

    Conducting a world-wide contest like this is a 2-edged sword for BMW.

    Not a single rider selected outside of Europe?
    Well the BMW PR department will have their hands full trying ‘splain’ this one. Wait for the spin!

    Even IF these were the BEST IN THE WORLD…I think…as the former Director of Advertising/Marketing of a Fortune 50 company…that I’d have representation throughout the world. Gee, maybe in each of the areas of the TOURS??????

    Otherwise, you run the risk of ALIENATING the REST OF THE WORLD of BMW riders. Which you have NOW done!
    Also…bet all the US Dealers are absolutely ASTONISHED by Motorrad’s selection.
    But…that’s just me.
    Guess that I won’t be buying a 13 anytime soon…oh the unintended consequences of POOR BMW decision making

    Not particularly SMART on BMW’s part.

    BTW…I haven’t even GOTTEN an email from them…having entered. Classy. Always better to hear about via the WWW and fellow inmates.

    So…BMWMOTORRAD…what say ye?

  2. Have to agree with LPOL, contest smells of being rigged. No USA finalists, no notifications to anyone other than the “winners”.
    The entry form was the first indication of BMW’s intent to only select their chosen few: inadequate space for stating qualifications, no way to submit a resume, and no criteria for selection of finalists.
    Oh well. What else would one expect from the great and all knowing at BMW.

  3. Here’s what a few riders at ADVRIDER.com are saying about this matter:

    1. I sure would like to know the ratio of BMW owners in the US compared to the EU. I bet we have a large enough market share and with that being said, it only seems sensible for them to pick at least one person from North America, but maybe this campaign was meant to beef up the European market

  4. Here’s what a few riders at ADVRIDER.com are saying about this matter:

    2. Yep applied also with no response as well. Despite being upset at not winning of course… it is pretty “cheap”.

    I too have been in the communications industry for over 25 years and BMW continues to risk its brand equity by making these kinds of decisions…or I should say just plain not caring too much.

    Complacency combined with arrogance and shortsightedness.

    I have had too many clients think that because things are going well they don’t have to work so hard or not even that… smartly.

    …we can’t or won’t keep buying these things if they continue to do this. Or, if a viable alternative shows up on the showroom floor and the competitors are getting closer every day.

  5. Here’s what a few riders at ADVRIDER.com are saying about this matter:

    3. Can you say Joke, Farce, Ill-conceived PR stunt? Failure of the IQ test? Wow, maybe no one will notice…

  6. Wow! I’m really shocked they’re all European. I’m sure they sell more R1200GS’s in Europe but it seems like they’d want to get more exposure in the US (or any other part of the world for that matter). I wish they would expand it to more than one rider doing each leg. I’m sure I wasn’t even close to the top of this list, but a guy can dream can’t he?

    I like that comment about changing the name to “One European Union.” Seems apt.

  7. We can guarantee you that it is complete coincidence that only people from Europe have been chosen. Jutta Kleinschmidt, Rick Yune, Adrien Brody and Charley Boorman have been judging the contest under the aspects of resilience, passion for adventure and enduro motorcycling, inquisitiveness and riding experience – without even knowing from which country people are. Thank you for your understanding.

    We wish you a merry christmas and a happy new motorcycle year.

    Kind Regards,

    BMW Motorrad Direct
    Steffen Kraft

  8. You are correct. It is a shame and a pity that they could not find anyone from North or SOUTH America !!! Cheap escapes did not want to be bother to meet or fly in anybody further than a train ride.
    VERY disappointing !!!

  9. This is a disgrace.
    As an Australian I didn’t get an email either let alone win.
    No doubt BMW would reply by saying I didn’t even enter. Nit pickers!
    A disgrace I say!

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