New BMW F800GS Adventure

New BMW F800GS Adventure

For the adventure traveler who prefers a mid-sized motorcycle, BMW today introduces a new version of the F800GS, the F800GS Adventure. Like the boxer GS Adventure models before it, this GS Adventure features updated bodywork and a larger fuel tank — 2.1 gallons more for a total of 6.3 gallons — whose weight required a reinforced rear subframe. Other changes include a bench seat, larger windscreen and optional Enduro ASC. Fitted to the F800GS Adventure are wide enduro footrests, an adjustable, reinforced foot brake lever, an engine protection bar and a pannier rack which also functions as a tank protection bar.

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F800GS Adv (2013)-stills-12The first 1,000 of the new models will be marketed as the F800GS Adventure “Launch Edition.” They will come in a special Sandrover matt paintwork in combination with three equipment packages: Comfort package includes onboard computer, heated grips and a center stand; Enduro package includes ASC plus Enduro mode; and Special Accessories package features a lockable aluminium case set, a topcase holder and the new BMW Motorrad Navigator Adventure (including mount and cable).

Release date and pricing has not been announced.

All the photos can be found in our F800GS Adventure photo gallery. BMW’s official press release is below along with a quick comparison chart between F800GS and F800GS Adventure:

BMW press release:

The new BMW F800GS Adventure.

BMW Motorrad is the most successful manufacturer F800GS of large-capacity touring enduros and, with the F700GS and F800GS, leads the way in the mid-size category, too.

The new F800GS Adventure builds on this position. Based on the dynamic, off-road-oriented F800GS, the Adventure model offers an optimal combination of agility, touring practicality and off-road capability. Following the tradition of the popular boxer-engined GS Adventure models, it provides off-road-oriented touring aficionados, world travelers and enduro fans with an authentic GS Adventure experience in the mid-size segment.

The F800GS Adventure is powered by the characterful, liquid-cooled 798 cc four-valve twin-cylinder engine as featured on the F800GS, with electronic fuel injection, closed-loop catalytic converter and six-speed transmission. Developing unchanged maximum power of 63 kW (85 hp) at 7,500 rpm, and with maximum torque of 83 Nm [61 ft-lb] at 5,750 rpm, this power plant impresses with quick and lively response, powerful torque and low fuel consumption.

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F800GS Adv (2013)-studio-15Engineered and equipped for world travel.
Like the F800GS, the Adventure model too features a robust, torsionally resistant tubular steel spaceframe, although the rear subframe is reinforced to cater for the larger, 24-liter [6.3 gallon] tank (8 liters [2.1 gallons] more than on the F800GS model), which increases the bike’s range. Like the F800GS, the Adventure model is equipped with ABS as standard, while further safety- and performance-enhancing systems – Automatic Stability Control (ASC) and Electronic Suspension Adjustment (ESA) – are available as factory-fitted optional extras, or as special accessories. These features position the BMW F800GS Adventure, along with the F800GS, as the safest mid-size touring enduro on the market.

As another optional extra, the new F800GS Adventure is available with Enduro mode as part of a package featuring ASC. At the press of a button, the rider can increase the slip threshold of the ABS and ASC systems when heading off-road, for an even more dynamic riding experience and with improved acceleration and braking on loose terrain.

The F800GS Adventure boasts a new, masculine bodywork styling that underlines its globetrotting abilities, while a new, very comfortable bench seat, a larger windscreen for improved protection against the elements and hand protectors also support this image. Other new standard specification on the F800GS Adventure includes wide enduro footrests, an adjustable, reinforced foot brake lever, an engine protection bar and a pannier rack which also functions as a tank protection bar.

BMW F800GS Adventure “Launch Edition”
The new F800GS Adventure will first hit the market in a 1,000-unit “Launch Edition.” The highlight of the F800GS Adventure “Launch Edition” is its Sandrover matt paintwork in combination with three equipment packages. The Comfort package comprises an onboard computer, heated grips and a center stand. The Enduro package comes with ASC plus Enduro mode, and the Special accessories package features a lockable aluminium case set, a topcase holder and BMW Motorrad Navigator Adventure including holder and cable.

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Highlights of the new BMW F800GS Adventure compared to the F800GS:

  • Based on the same versatile overall concept as the F800GS, with powerful twin-cylinder engine and agile suspension, but with enhanced off-road and globetrotting abilities.
  • Robust and masculine GS Adventure bodywork styling.
  • Balanced proportions, despite large rear tank.
  • Larger, 24-liter [6.3 gallon] fuel tank (+8 liters[2.1 gallons]).
  • Extended range (by approx. 120 km/75 miles).
  • ABS as standard, ASC as a factory-fitted optional extra or as a special accessory.
  • Enduro mode as a new optional extra, in combination with ASC.
  • Electronic Suspension Adjustment (ESA) as a factory-fitted optional extra.
  • Reinforced rear subframe.
  • Even more comfortable bench seat.
  • Large windscreen.
  • Wide enduro footrests.
  • Adjustable, reinforced foot brake lever.
  • Engine protection bar.
  • Pannier rack also serves as a tank protection bar.
  • Wide range of special accessories and ex-works optional extras.


Key technical differences at a glance:

BMW F800GS Adventure BMW F800GS
Tank volume 24 litres [6.3 gallon] 16 litres [4.2 gallon]
Standard seat height 890 mm [35.0 in.] 880 mm [34.6 in.]
low seat height 860 mm [33.9 in.] 850 mm [33.5 in.]
Lower option no yes, 820 mm [32.3 in.]
DIN unladen weight 229 kg [505 lb.] 214 kg [472 lb.]
Max load 225 kg [496 lb.] 230 kg [507 lb.]
Dimensions L / W / H 2305/925/1450 mm [90.7/36.4/57.0 in.] 2300/920/1345 mm [90.6/36.2/53.0 in.]
Fuel consumption:
90 / 120 km/h 4.3/5.7 l 3.8/5.2 l
55 / 75 mph 65.7/49.5 mpg imp [54.7/41.2 mpg US] 74.3/54.3 mpg imp [61.9/45.2  mpg US]

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