Charley Boorman To Explore USA on New BMW R1200GS

Charley Boorman To Explore USA on New BMW R1200GS

Filmmaker, author and adventure rider Charley Boorman will soon be heading to the United States of America for his next television project: Extreme Frontiers USA. This is the third chapter in the popular Extreme Frontiers TV series that has previously seen Boorman travel around the most remote and wild parts of Canada, as well as spend six weeks journeying around South Africa.

Boorman has once again chosen to ride a BMW adventure motorcycle – this time the new water-cooled R1200GS – as he explores the United States, getting a taste for the “real America.” During his travels, he’s said to meet local characters and take part in exciting adventures and activities unique to each region he will be passing through.

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Charley will spend the next two months travelling over 10,000 miles on two wheels, from coast to coast, via Alaska and the pacific islands of Hawaii. Along the way he will dive to see the shipwrecks in Pearl Harbour and abseil into an active volcano, relive the battle of The Alamo, meet the land-speed racers on the Bonneville Salt Flats, undertake survival training with the US Army in Alaska and skydive into Death Valley.

The Extreme Frontiers: USA expedition was announced at the exclusive Bremont Boutique in Mayfair, London. The British watchmakers have been a long-time supporter of Charley Boorman, who is a member of their Adventurer’s Club which invites travellers to host events and talks at their outlet.

Boorman-Extreme-Frontiers-USA-3Commenting on the challenges that lie ahead, Charley Boorman said, “It’s going to be an amazing opportunity to explore the huge United States of America on a BMW R1200GS. I lived in South Carolina and Los Angeles when my dad was filming out there and I’ve always wanted to really get under the skin of the country and learn more about the people and the adventures they get up to.

“We are going to be getting up to some pretty crazy stuff, ranging from skydiving into Death Valley to camping on top of a live volcano and racing sailing ships into Boston Harbor. We will of course also end with our customary massive biking convoy as we head into LA – and anyone in the area is welcome to join me!”

To keep up to date with Charley’s travels, follow his Twitter feed: @charleyboorman.

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