R1200GS Named Bike Magazine’s 2013 Bike of the Year

R1200GS Named Bike Magazine’s 2013 Bike of the Year

BIKE-Oct13-coverBike magazine, the UK’s best-selling monthly motorcycle publication, has named the 2013 BMW R1200GS the ‘Bike of the Year’. The R1200GS won the magazine’s top award by beating back competition from over 50 new motorcycles from around the world. Bike magazine said, “Making the ‘Bike of the Year’ selection is tough. More than 50 new bikes were launched this year. This isn’t just a pick of our favorites, it’s the bikes that appear to make the biggest leap, which re-invigorate a stale market sector and which surprised us most.”

In addition to pitching the R1200GS against rival machines in group tests, Bike magazine has completed over 12,000 miles (19,000 km) on a long-term test motorcycle, giving them the perfect opportunity to challenge it in every imaginable condition. Editor Hugo Wilson marked the award by taking the R1200GS loaded with camping gear on a 1,000-mile ride to the Isle of Skye.

“The old R1200GS was brilliant, but the new one is more powerful, more agile, better equipped and more user-friendly. This latest, water-cooled model is the most radical reinvention of the 90-year-old BMW boxer line since the introduction of the oil/air cooled eight-valve engine in 1992. At a glance it looks similar to the previous model. In fact, it’s completely new.

“For dual carriageway drudgery the GS is stable, comfortable, reassuring. And brisk. On fast, flowing A-roads, it’s a treat: quick, agile, involving and utterly capable. It soaks up road irregularities and wafts along at a giddying pace. It’s not just the 125bhp that the BMW produces which is handy; it’s the way it produces. It responds to throttle like no previous boxer twin.”


Adrian Roderick, General Manager for BMW Motorrad UK, said, “It is a fantastic accolade that the UK’s biggest motorcycle magazine has recognized the quality of the new R1200GS. Even more important is the recognition of the public, who have made the first water-cooled GS the UK’s best-selling motorcycle over 125cc so far in 2013. The new GS is a true successor to over three decades of BMW’s unstoppable adventure-sports motorcycles.”

The October 2013 issue featuring ‘Bike of the Year’ is on sale now in print and for the iPad.

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  1. It’s obvious that the persons who decided to name the 2013 R1200GS bike of the year have not heard about the clutch problems it has been having. It’s a great bike but it is not ready for bike of the year until the problems with the clutch are fixed. Maybe the F800GS ADV would be a better choice?

  2. I have recently got the new gs1200 water cooled ,and after years on sports & naked bikes and more recently a Ducati multi strada this new bike is a revaluation ! The engine is so smooth with so much low and medium rev torque available its so much easier to ride than the previous multi strada I had especially at low speeds you could say I am smitten . So far I have had no clutch problems but I have on done 600 miles so am hoping more miles men more smiles.

  3. Well I bought the 2014 r1200gs just over a month a go… It’s been back to the BMW garage 3 times…. 1st problem was for intermittent stalling while riding!!!! Still does it even after 3 visits to the garage! 2nd problem after first service at BMW, engine oil overfilled by about 500ml and apparently non recommended oil was used!!!! Transmission became load and clunky and Clutch lever wondered changing biting points!!! The bike went back to bmw garage again oil changed out for recommended oil.. today the bike still stalls, clutch lever has a mind of it’s own and the gears crunch…. the bike is yet again back at the garage and has been there since Saturday… No news… I’m not pleased tghe bike has 900 kms!!!!

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