BMW Motorrad USA Provides Options to Owners After 2014 R1200RT “Stop Ride” Notice

BMW Motorrad USA Provides Options to Owners After 2014 R1200RT “Stop Ride” Notice

BMW Motorrad USA is attempting to get owners of the new 2014 R1200RT with Dynamic ESA back on the road with a different model or compensate them for the downtime after a defect in the rear shock absorber was discovered by their supplier. In anticipation of a recall, BMW Motorrad USA sent a notice to owners a couple of weeks ago asking them “not to ride their motorcycle until further notice.” While no injuries had been reported, it was determined that the piston rod in the rear shock on 2014 R1200RT models featuring Dynamic ESA (Electronic Suspension Adjustment) could break resulting in loss of control. As of now, there is no official timeline for availability of parts necessary for the repairs, but rumors have suggested it could be August or September before the RTs are back on the road.


Dealerships are telling us that BMW Motorrad USA has put together a program with three options for owners of the affected model. Those willing to simply wait for a repair will be compensated $2,500 once the repair is complete. If the R1200RT owner would prefer a loaner, the BMW dealership will work with them to provide a different BMW model temporarily and also provide them with $1,000 to be used for BMW accessories/gear at their dealership or towards payments on their RT. If an owner doesn’t want to keep the R1200RT, BMW Motorrad USA will buy back the vehicle at the original purchase price and provide them with an additional $1,000 they can use toward the purchase of a different BMW motorcycle.

Owners of the new R1200RT who want to exercise any of these options will need to contact their BMW Motorrad dealership. Dealerships may not yet have all the answers to questions, however, and since BMW Motorrad dealerships are independently owned franchises, participation in the loaner program and availability of models as a loaner or replacement will be up to the individual dealership. More information will be forthcoming which we will post as soon as available.

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