Calling all GS Girls: The GS Trophy 2016 Needs You!

Calling all GS Girls: The GS Trophy 2016 Needs You!

The BMW International GS Trophy has been a fun and exciting event since it burst onto the scene back in 2008. However, there has always been one important ingredient missing from this success story – women! BMW is launching a worldwide search for a trio of lady riders who are ready and willing to take on the boys in next year’s GS Trophy in Southeast Asia. Just imagine having the chance to not only represent your nation, but to also represent your entire gender in this competitive off-road motorcycling event.



So far, the GS Trophies have been held in Tunisia, South Africa, South America and Canada, but in all that time there has never been a female competitor in the finals – let alone an all-female team – until now. With an increasing amount of GS bikes sold to women, and more ladies actively exploring their passion for off-road adventure riding, BMW thought it was time to introduce some ‘girl power’ into the Trophy.

To get involved, visit to read the details, fill out an application and upload a video by a deadline of June 26. Participants are asked to send a short video showing their riding skills and describing why they think they should be among a ‘shortlist’ of ten riders who will travel to South Africa. A special qualifier event will be held there from September 9-16 to determine the final three who will compete together in 2016 for the International GS Trophy.


GS-Trophy-Women-04BMW Motorrad South Africa Ambassador and certified off-road instructor Jolandie Rust is part of a jury that will be deciding which ten ladies have what it takes to challenge for a place on the first ever female International GS Trophy team. “I’m very excited to announce that BMW Motorrad will be selecting an all-female team to participate at the 2016 GS Trophy happening in southeast Asia next spring,” says Jolandie, who circumnavigated the entire African continent on a BMW F650GS Dakar and now uses an R1200GS to teach the joys of off-road riding to women – and men.

“From all the female applicants we will first be selecting ten participants from across the globe to take part in September’s qualifying event at the Country Trax Rider Training Academy in South Africa. Out of these ten competitors we will then assess their performance and potential in a number of different scenarios before choosing the top three lady riders that will make up the first ever female team of the GS Trophy 2016.”

Selection will be based on riding skills and GS/enduro experience demonstrated on their application form and video. In addition to Jolandie, the jury members include Dr. Ralf Rodepeter, Head of Brand and Product Management BMW Motorrad; Svenia Ohlsen, Head of Brand Experience BMW Motorrad; Tomm Wolf, the ‘face’ of the GS Trophy since the very beginning; and Stephanie Rowe, who many will remember as the sole female rider in the “One world. One R1200GS” tour that saw five participants take part in a round-the-world relay in 2013.

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