Italian State Police Take Delivery of BMW C evolution and i3 Electric Vehicles

Italian State Police Take Delivery of BMW C evolution and i3 Electric Vehicles

A fleet of six electric BMW C evolution scooters and four electric BMW i3 cars will be put into service in Milan, Italy for EXPO 2015. The President of BMW Italia, Sergio Solero, delivered to the Minister of the Interior, On. Angelino Alfano and the Superintendent of Police, Alessandro Pansa the vehicles at a ceremony held at the Viminal Palace in Rome.


The delivery of the fleet of cars and scooters for the State Police came about after the publication of an invitation to compete to supply vehicles for the EXPO which was won by BMW Italia. The vehicles will be loaned free of charge to the police and will bear the State Police colors. Also supplied on free loan will be two fixed recharging stations.

“BMW has always been a synonym of premium automobiles and motorcycles, as well as premium innovative mobility services, all consistently in keeping with the idea of sustainability, which is an integral part of the basic principles of the entire value chain,” said Sergio Solero, President and CEO of BMW Italia. “Today we are particularly proud to be able to put our most advanced products in this sense at the service of the State Police in order to contribute to guaranteeing safety during an event that is extraordinarily important for our country like the EXPO 2015, and to be able to do this with two- and four-wheeled vehicles that have zero impact on the environment and that are aligned with the themes of the event itself.”


The BMW C evolution electric maxi scooter has an 8kWh battery giving it a 100 km (62 mile) range. It recharges in less than three hours when fully discharged. The scooter has four different driving modes controlling its liquid-cooled 11 kW (15 hp) synchronous motor with a toothed belt for secondary transmission, offering peak power as high as 35 kW (47.5 hp). The C evolution reaches an electronically limited maximum speed at 120 km/h (75 mph) with acceleration similar to a 600 cc scooter with an internal combustion engine.

The BMW i3, the first BMW i automobile to be produced, is a premium all-electric automobile. Its has a passenger compartment made of carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) giving it light weight, stability, and safety with comfort and convenience. The electric motor delivers peak power of 125 kW/170 hp and a maximum torque of 250 Nm, sending power to the rear wheels by means of a single-speed transmission. The maximum speed is 150 km/h (93 mph). A lithium ion battery is integrated in the underbody to lower the center of gravity. In daily traffic, the battery offers a range of about 130 kilometers (80 miles).

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