BMW Motorrad Sales Continue to Grow in November 2015

BMW Motorrad Sales Continue to Grow in November 2015

Global sales at BMW Motorrad continued to grow in November. A total of 7,844 units were sold in the month, an increase of 5.8% compared with the same month last year. In the year-to-date, 129,466 customers worldwide have taken delivery of a BMW Motorrad vehicle, an increase of 11.2%.

BMW Motorrad USA sales, however, declined by 69 units to 764 in November which is a drop of 8.3% compared to the 833 units sold in November 2014. The S1000RR was the top performing model with 126 units (+186%) delivered, and in combination with the new S1000XR, helped grow S-Series model retails by 73% to 173 units compared to 100 in November last year. After 11 months, year-to-date sales are up 10.3% totaling 15,120 units which already exceeds the total for all of last year.

The updated BMW S1000RR continues to be the sales leader in the USA.

BMW Motorrad Canada reported 50 retails in November, a decrease of 47.9% over the same period last year. Year-to-date results are up 7.2% with 1,980 units sold. This figure represents a new record for the brand in Canada, surpassing the previous record of 1,940 units set in 2014.

On the automobile side, the BMW Group has achieved new record sales for November with a total of 197,480 (+4.9%) vehicles delivered to customers worldwide. This brings the total number of vehicles sold by the company so far in 2015 to 2,033,948 (+6.9%). It’s the first time the company has sold over 2 million vehicles by this stage in the year.

Sales of BMW brand vehicles in November were 5.6% higher than in the same month last year, with a total of 167,853 vehicles delivered to customers. In the year-to-date, 1,728,553 BMW vehicles were sold around the world, an increase of 5.8% on the same period last year. November was a record month for the MINI brand with sales totaling 29,271, just above the extremely high sales result achieved in November last year (+0.9%). MINI sales for the year-to-date are also higher than ever, with a total of 302,091 delivered to customers so far in 2015 (+13.8%).

Steady sales growth continues in Europe, where deliveries were up 6.8% in November (85,999); the year-to-date figure for the region is 9.7% higher than the same period last year (902,223). In Germany, the BMW Group’s home market, sales increased 5.7% in November, with a total of 24,056 new BMW and MINIs registered. Sales in southern Europe are showing sustained growth with deliveries in Italy, for example, up 15.8% in November to total 7,036 while sales in Spain increased 18.6% to a total of 4,227 vehicles.

In the Americas, sales of BMW and MINI vehicles rose by 2.5% compared with November last year (45,169), while year-to-date sales in the region are up 5.3% (447,445). Deliveries to customers in the company’s second biggest market, the USA, were 1.2% up on November last year, totaling 36,447. In Canada, deliveries rose 19.4% compared with the same month last year (4,111) while monthly sales in Mexico increased by 22.5% to total 1,654.

Sales of BMW and MINI vehicles also increased in Asia, where deliveries in November were up 4.7% compared with the same month last year (60,547). So far this year, a total of 621,671 BMW and MINIs have been sold in the region, an increase of 4.5%. Monthly sales in Mainland China totaled 41,090 (+3.2%). Sales in the Middle East region climbed 34.2% compared with November last year, with a total of 3,271 vehicles delivered to customers. 

BMW Group sales in/up to November 2015 at a glance

  In November 2015 Compared with
previous year
Up to/including
November 2015
Compared with
previous year
BMW Group Automobiles 197,480 +4.9% 2,033,948 +6.9%
BMW 167,853 +5.6% 1,728,553 +5.8%
MINI 29,271 +0.9% 302,091 +13.8%
BMW Motorrad 7,844 +5.8% 129,466 +11.2%


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