Limited-Edition Akrapovič Exhausts Celebrate 25 Years and Support Charities

Limited-Edition Akrapovič Exhausts Celebrate 25 Years and Support Charities

Founded 25 years ago in Slovenia by motorcycle racer Igor Akrapovič, the Akrapovič brand has grown to be the leading manufacturer of exhaust systems for motorcycles and gained international prominence through its support of motorsport teams, including BMW. To mark its 25th anniversary, Akrapovič has chosen to build a very limited-edition range of just 25 exhausts and donate them to charity—so you will need to be pretty sharp to get your hands on one.


Akrapovic_Limited_Edition_25_years (1)The 25 exhausts will be instantly recognizable with heat-resistant black paint over a lightweight titanium muffler. They will all feature an exclusive Akrapovič 25th-year logo and, most important of all, a number identifying which one of the exhausts it is and its rareness as a collector’s piece. Some parts of the systems also have special nano coatings to make sure they stay as good as new after use—that is, if they ever get used. The exhausts are all EC and ECE type-approved, so you could install it on your bike and show it off in its full glory.

Available for a range of six motorcycles and one car, these rare exhausts will be limited to four of each for the BMW S1000RR and five other motorcycles, plus a one-of-a-kind exclusive car exhaust, a Slip-On Line (Titanium) for the BMW M4. The exclusivity of these exhausts will be further enhanced by the fact they will not be available for purchase through any of the existing Akrapovič retail channels. Instead, Akrapovič is donating them to charity and they will then be auctioned to raise funds for various good causes.

Akrapovič calls these exhausts the “pinnacle of what Akrapovič has achieved over the last 25 years” and believes they are destined to become collectibles and therefore increase in value due to the uniqueness of design. They are even keeping the original prototype versions (numbered 00) to be put on display at the company’s headquarters in Slovenia. If you want one of these for your bike or car, or even to hang on the wall as a work of art, keep an eye out for the latest news to see when they are available for auction.

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