BMW R1200GSA and R1200RT Win Motorcyclist Magazine Awards

BMW R1200GSA and R1200RT Win Motorcyclist Magazine Awards

For the third year in a row, the BMW R1200GS Adventure and R1200RT received Motorcycle of the Year (MOTY) Awards by Motorcyclist magazine. Editors, once again, chose the GS Adventure for its 2016 “Best Adventure Bike” category, while the RT earned “Best Sport Touring Bike” (after claiming the “Best Touring Bike” category for the previous two years). Runner up awards were given to the S1000RR in the “Best Sportbike Category” (winner: Yamaha YZF-R1) and to the K1600GTL in the “Best Touring Bike” category (winner: Indian Roadmaster).


“A ‘Best Bike’ award from Motorcyclist is certainly one of the most prestigious honors in the motorcycle industry; to be the only manufacturer recognized in four individual categories this year is just fantastic,” observed Michael Peyton, Vice President, BMW Motorrad North America. “These accolades reinforce our commitment to continually raising the bar for technology, safety and comfort, while remaining loyal to the core essence of perennial favorites like the GS Adventure and R1200RT.”

Of the returning winners, Motorcyclist editors described the R1200GS Adventure as “simply stellar—good aerodynamics, light (yes, light) handling, stunning brakes, electronically adjustable suspension, and luggage options that’ll swallow a mobster’s secrets. Inevitably, it’s when we wander off the beaten path that this GS-A surprises us the most. Nearly 8 gallons of fuel tank is somehow never in the way, standing or sitting, and the turning radius makes us feel like we could U-turn in an airplane bathroom. The…1,170cc liquid-cooled engine is tuned nearly to perfection and the suspension (somehow) never bottoms out. The balance and poise that the R1200GS Adventure shows in the dirt utterly defies the spec sheet. It is the original adventure touring machine. And still the best.”


“Pure, sport-touring bliss” is how Motorcyclist editors described the R1200RT’s riding position. “An adjustable (and optionally heated) saddle sits around 32 inches high, with an amazingly slim midsection and an easy reach to the pavement. It checks all of the boxes a luxury tourer should—electronically adjustable windshield and suspension, power locks, heated passenger accommodations, and integrated GPS if you please—but it’s the sportiness that wins us over. Auto-blip shifting and a snarly exhaust note accent the RT’s low center of gravity and brilliant handling in a way that is, frankly, hard to describe. Put it this way: If it held 30 gallons of gas instead of 6.6 we would just ride it farther, happy as ever.”


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