BMW F800R and F800GT Updates for 2017

BMW F800R and F800GT Updates for 2017

BMW Motorrad has updated their F800R and F800GT for 2017 with new paintwork and powertrain changes meeting European “Euro 4” requirements. The 798cc water-cooled inline twins now uses a ride-by-wire throttle system and can therefore implement BMW’s “Rain” and “Road” riding modes seen on other models. A “Dynamic” mode is available as an option.


bmw-f800gt-2017-001The F800R now comes in Blackstorm metallic, Racing Red non-metallic or BMW Motorsport colors (Lightwhite non-metallic/Lupine Blue metallic/Racing Red non-metallic). “Design Option” wheels with a decorative red line around the edge of the wheel rim are optional.

The F800GT meanwhile comes in Lightwhite non-metallic, Gravity Blue metallic matt or Blackstorm metallic. There’s also a new windshield with an F800GT inscription. Cockpit dials on both have been updated and a new malfunction indicator light has been added (meeting EU4 requirements).

Your can read the BMW press release below or click these links for our BMW 2017 F800R photo gallery and BMW 2017 F800GT photo gallery.


BMW Motorrad enhances its broad product range in the popular mid-range category by revising the F800R roadster and the sports touring bike F800GT. The BMW Motorrad 2-cylinder machines have always cut a great figure – whether for urban cruising, enjoying winding country roads in sporty style or dynamic touring with a pillion passenger and luggage. This applies more than ever to the current versions, which now demonstrate further improved all-round qualities.

EU4 adaptation and ride-by-wire system for an even better response and additional riding modes.

bmw-f800gt-2017-036The high-torque, water-cooled 2-cylinder in-line engine with a capacity of 798 cc continues to ensure dynamic propulsion in both models. It has an output of 66 kW / 90 hp at 8,000 rpm. While the sporty roadster F800R has a chain as secondary drive, as is typical of the segment, the F800GT offers supreme power delivery with its maintenance-free toothed belt, geared towards lengthier motorcycle trips.

The motorbikes have been adapted to the new EU4 regulations for model year 2017. The visual hallmark here is the newly designed end piece of the stainless steel tailpipe. As part of the process, the HP sports silencer by Akrapovič was also redesigned and is available as an Original BMW Motorrad Accessory.

A ride-by-wire system now passes on the rider’s commands directly from a sensor on the twist grip to the engine control system and therefore to the throttle valve. The result is even finer controllability and an improved response. This also allows implementation of the new standard riding modes “Rain” and “Road” for riding on damp and dry road surfaces respectively as well as the riding mode “Dynamic” to support a more sporty riding style, the latter being available as an ex works option.

Instruments with new dials and even more information.

The new F800R and F800GT have an instrument panel consisting of two analog displays for the speedometer and engine speed as before and also a multifunction display. In the new model year 2017, a so-called MIL (Malfunction Indicator Light) is provided in the cockpit in line with EU4 requirements. There are also newly designed dials which ensure improved readability, and the display has been extended to include riding mode information.


Enhanced character based on refined color schemes.

Three new color variants give the new F800R and F800GT a more distinctive and characteristic appearance.

The paint finish Blackstorm metallic emphasises the masculine side of the new F800R, while Racing Red non-metallic brings out the roadster’s progressive, dynamic character. The BMW Motorsport colours Lightwhite non-metallic/ Lupine Blue metallic/Racing Red non-metallic powerfully convey the sporting aspirations of the F800R. The optional item “Design Option” wheels comprises the paint finish in BMW Motorsport colours with a decorative red line around the edge of the wheel rim.

bmw-f800gt-2017-032In Lightwhite non-metallic the new F800GT comes over as strikingly athletic and dynamic, while the paint finish Gravity Blue metallic matt gives it a powerful, masculine look. By contrast, the bike takes on a particularly refined appearance in the colour scheme Blackstorm metallic combined with grey decorative surfaces on the side trim panels and the rear side trim sections. The high quality of the F 800 GT is supported by the new model inscription in the upper area of the side trim panels which appears in a galvanised finish as a raised emblem. There is also a new windshield with matted F800GT model inscription that helps project a more sophisticated, mature appearance.

Extension of the range of optional equipment.

New, higher handlebars are available for the new F800R ex works which meets the rider’s need for a more relaxed seating posture. In conjunction with a low seat, these new handlebars also provides an ergonomic alternative for riders of shorter stature.

bmw-f800r-2017-028The new F800R with the “Design Option” wheels (ex works option) will especially appeal to those who prefer a motorcycle with a strikingly sporty look. Here there is a decorative red line around the edge of the wheel rim that emphasises the sporty, dynamic aspirations of the new roadster, very much in the style of the superbike BMW S 1000 RR.

New Original BMW Motorrad Accessories for enhanced individual style.

Thanks to a constantly expanding range of Original BMW Motorrad Accessories, there are virtually no limits to what is possible in terms of personal individualisation of a BMW motorcycle. This range has been extended to include a number of attractive components for the new F800R and F800GT. For example, a newly designed HP sports silencer is available for the F800R and the F800GT which not only provides a striking, throaty sound but also a very sporty design. The end piece made of carbon fibre also gives it a marked touch of technical style.

An overview of the highlights:

  • Adaptation to EU4 requirements.
  • Newly designed end piece of the standard exhaust tailpipe.
  • Ride-by-wire system for improved response and controllability.
  • Riding modes “Rain” and “Road” as standard.
  • “Dynamic” riding mode for a sportier riding style as an ex works option.
  • Instrument panel with new dials, MIL indicator lamp and riding mode display.
  • Windshield with matted model inscription (F800GT).
  • New model inscription in galvanised look (F800GT).
  • New attractive color schemes:

F800R: Racing Red non-metallic, Blackstorm metallic, BMW Motorsport (Lightwhite non-metallic/Lupine Blue metallic/Racing Red non-metallic).

F800GT: Gravity Blue metallic matt, Lightwhite non-metallic, Blackstorm metallic.

  • New ex works options such as higher handlebars (F800R) and “Design Option” wheels (F800R).
  • New Original BMW Motorrad Accessories, e.g. HP sports silencer.


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