BMW R1200GS, R1200GS Exclusive, R1200GS Rallye (2017)

The BMW R1200GS gets minor styling updates for 2017 and adds a new “Next Generation” Dynamic ESA which self levels. New Exclusive and Rallye packages are available. The Exclusive comes with Monolith metallic matt fuel tank side panels with a large GS logo. The front wheel splash guard and central fuel tank cover are Iced Chocolate metallic and the frame is finished in Agate Grey metallic matt. The black drivetrain and the gold-finished brake calipers lend a refined contrast here. The new R1200GS Rallye is the most unique model and designed as a more serious off-road package. The paintwork in Lupine Blue metallic with the same large GS logo on the fuel tank sides but in BMW Motorsport colors. The frame in Cordoba Blue and the drivetrain is black. This is the sportiest series production GS of all time, however, due to the standard and optional extras available. This new version comes with a bench seat, shorter windscreen, radiator and frame guards, wide enduro footrests and cross-spoke wheels (allowing tubeless tires). Studded tires and a new professional sports suspension are options to the Rallye edition.