More Online: Fall 2011

Each issue of the BMW Motorcycle Magazine is carefully crafted to give you the best information and content we can fit onto the printed page. But sometimes you want more. More coverage of topics from the latest BMW Motorcycle Magazine including material that can’t be included in a printed magazine.

BMW Motorcycle Magazine, Fall 2011 (Issue 12)

Page 8, Editorial, Sandy Cohen: What do you think, did your first bike set you on the “motorcyclist” or “biker” path? Tell Sandy about it by contacting her using our contact form. You can also request our Roving Rally Photographer visit your event.

Page 10-13, Advanced Safety Concept: Check out these videos explaining the features of BMW’s Advanced Safety Concept. Also be sure to subscribe to our BMWMotorcycleMag YouTube channel to see the latest videos we publish.

Daytime Running Lights:

BMW Motorrad Emergency Call:

BMW Motorrad Collision Warning:

BMW Motorrad Speed Limit Info:

BMW Motorrad Cross Traffic Assistant:

BMW Motorrad Left Turn Assistant:

Page 14-15, Dynamic Damping Control: If you didn’t quite follow the examples of the semi-active suspension doing its thing in the magazine, check out this video:

Page 23, Husqvarna: In addition to the artist’s rendering in the magazine, we have early sketches of the future Husqvarna road bike in the linked news post. You can also read Factory Supermoto rider Mauno Hermunen’s Nuda 900 R opinion.

Page 27, The Chase: We described the action, now see the BMW M3 battle the S1000RR in the made-for-the-web movie, The Chase:

Page 28, “Tours of a Lifetime”: The 50 “Tours of a Lifetime” including the only motorcycle tour selected, can be seen on the National Geographic’s 50 “Tours of a Lifetime” website.

Page 30-34, Racing: We gave you just the highlights of race action from around the world. Click this link for all our racing coverage.

Page 38, Mail: Got something to say? Send us your comments and questions by using our contact form.

Page 40-41, K1600GT: Additional photos and videos of BMW’s grand tourers can be found in our K1600GT and K1600GTL Gallery.

Page 56-61, Speedcruiser: The original Lo Rider/Custom Concept from BMW was not just a single pretty model. BMW included artist’s sketches of factory accessories to create the perfect reflection of your style. See all the photos in our BMW Custom Concept online gallery.

Page 72-78, Airhead Art: Many more photos of rolling art from Thomas Birzel’s custom boxer rally are available in our online gallery. Please don’t drool on the keyboard.

Page 82-83, Destined for Success: You can’t really feel the excitement of drag racing an S1000RR from a few photos. Check out these videos of 18-year-old Dystany Spurlock on the track.

Performance Center BMW S1000RR Dragbike during the Manufacturers Cup Finals:

Interview with Dystany Spurlock Manufacturers Cup Finals:

Testing the BMW K1300 at M.I.R Budds Creek, MD:

Page 96, Destinations: If you would like your event listed on our calendar, please use our calendar update form.


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