More Online: Summer 2012

Each issue of the BMW Motorcycle Magazine is carefully crafted to give you the best information and content we can fit onto the printed page. But sometimes you want more. More coverage of topics from the latest BMW Motorcycle Magazine including material that can’t be included in a printed magazine, is included below:

BMW Motorcycle Magazine, Summer 2012 (Issue 15)

Page 18-19, News: WSBK 2012 Racing: Races news with additional photos.

Page 20, News: Interview with Marco Melandri: Video.

Page 28-31, C-Class: Videos and additional photos.

Page 32-33, 2012 BMW G650GS Sertão: Additional photos.

Page 36-43, Cream and Sugar: Additional photos.

Page 44-47, Misunderstood: Additional photos.

Page 54-61, Gymnastic Equipment: Additional photos.


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