More Online: Winter 2010

Each issue of the BMW Motorcycle Magazine is carefully crafted to give you the best information and content we can fit onto the printed page. But sometimes you want more. More coverage of topics from the latest BMW Motorcycle Magazine including material that can’t be included in a printed magazine.

BMW Motorcycle Magazine, Winter 2010 ( Issue 9 )

Page 6, Editorial, Sandy Cohen: Don’t keep your favorite road a secret—Use our online contact form to send Sandy info about it.

Page 8-15, BMW K1600GT and K1600GTL: We’ve got more photos and videos of BMW’s newest flagship motorcycle in our online K1600GT and K1600GTL Gallery. You can also read BMW’s K1600GT and K1600GTL press release which contains even more details on this amazing new bike.

Page 17-18, BMW R1200R and R1200R Classic, G650GS: Looking for more photos and information? Check out our R1200R and R1200R Classic Gallery or G650GS Gallery for all the press photos and the original press releases. BMW also unveiled the BMW Concept C scooter (news post) at EICMA and we have the all the photos and press release in the BMW Concept C Gallery.

Page 20-23, Racing: We’ll keep you up-to-date on all the latest racing news as it happens. Check out our news page daily. Here’s a video of Jon Kirkham winning the Metzeler British Superstock Title 2010:

Page 24, MINI Scooter E Concept: We brought you news about the MINI Scooter E Concept when BMW dropped some illustrations on MINI’s Facbook page. Then we brought you all the MINI Scooter E Concept photos and information at the unveiling.

Page 26-27, Tricks of the Trade: To find out more about Mattie, his BMW F800R and his upcoming shows go to his website, If you’re wondering how Mattie’s F800R is equipped, check out this video from MCN magazine:

Page 32-37, Panda-BMW R1232: The folks over at Panda Moto have a few more facts and stats, in French, on this motorcycle on their website,

Page 80-81, People: More info on Henry von Wartenberg and his travels aboard an F800GS can be obtained on his website,

Page 84-91, Gear: BMW riders love to accessorize. So, if you know of a great product or you’re a business who manufactures a great gizmo, please contact us.

Page 92-96, Skills: Unconvinced an ABS-equipped bike can be stopped in a shorter distance than the same machine with standard brakes? Check out this PDF of tests conducted by the US and Canadian government safety departments.

Destinations, Calendar: If you would like your event listed on our calendar, please use our calendar update form.


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