What are the Basic Car Parts, and What Do They Look Like

When it comes to your car’s maintenance, you must take it to the auto shop once every few weeks to get it cleaned and checked. But being fully responsible about your car means that you know about it from the inside out to solve small issues on your own. The mechanics often recommend that you learn about car parts so you can solve the problem or communicate the problem easily with them. Here are the car parts that you need to learn about as a beginner.



Your car battery is the most critical component that allows you to turn your car on. Without a battery, you will not be able to provide the initial power to your engine. Usually, the car battery is located under the hood of your car. You can find the (-) and (+) signs on top of it. Here you connect the red clamp to (+) and the black clamp to (-) to just start your engine.


Axles are the parts that help your car to move, turn, and apply the brake. Taking care of the axle is also important to smoothly run your car. It is a vital component of the steering system attached to the wheels and supports your vehicle. Most cars and vehicles today have split axles that let each wheel steer independently. If the axle is making clunking noises or experiencing vibration while turning and braking your car, your axle needs repair.


Now we already know how important brakes are. There are different types of braking systems available today. Each braking system consists of pedals, caliper, light switch, pad, and rotor. It is usually the caliper, pad, and rotor that malfunction when there is a problem. Learn to take care of your braking system and use brake fluid.


The radiator is underneath the hood and near the engine because it is meant to cool the engine down. You should keep the radiator in check and always fill up the engine coolant when needed. Overheating an engine can increase the temperature of the car and can also cause a fire. It can break your car in the middle of your journey. Keep your car radiator maintained with coolants, so you never face such issues.

AC Compressor

AC compressor is a comparatively new addition to vehicles today. It is found near the engine compartment. It is responsible for providing cool air inside the vehicle. Summer is the time you will need it the most. You must check your AC compressor once every few months and refer to a mechanic when you do not receive cool air inside the car.

Catalytic converter

The catalytic converter is located inside the emission system. It is essential for reducing nitrous oxide, carbon monoxide, and hydrocarbons produced in the combustion process. It controls the pollution your vehicle can create. If you have your check engine light on, it can mean that your catalytic converter has stopped working. The converter can be replaced easily with the help of a mechanic.