BMW Maxi-Scooters Finally Available in July

BMW Maxi-Scooters Finally Available in July

After being delayed twice, BMW says they will begin delivering the C600 Sport and C650GT scooters to customers starting in July. Available first, due to the upcoming holiday season, in Italy, Spain and France on July 14, 2012. A week later, on July 21, 2012 will be deliveries in Germany, followed by all other European markets on July 28. The US and other overseas markets will see the scooters in the fall of 2012.

The scooters were originally expected in March but delayed for four weeks because of unspecified supplier problems. In April, the delivery dates were postponed again due to “quality control issues” with MotorCycle News quoting BMW as saying, “In order to ensure the product quality rightly expected by customers, some changes have to be made to tools used by suppliers. These tool measures will take some time to implement and have meant that vehicle production has had to be temporarily suspended.”

BMW C600 Sport



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