GS Trophy 2012: Day 3, Team Germany Moves Ahead on Longest Day

GS Trophy 2012: Day 3, Team Germany Moves Ahead on Longest Day

Day three of the 2012 BMW Motorrad GS Trophy lived up to its title – the marathon stage – with teams finishing as late as 8:30 in the evening after having set off at 7:15am. The 280 miles (450km) of the mostly off-road course proved grueling, as were the three special tests. But when the dust settled, just about at dusk on the shore of Lake Nahuel Huapi, it was Team Germany that had triumphed, taking over the lead from yesterday’s top team, France.

The day certainly was a tough one and the first special test – requiring the teams to run their three BMW F800GS motorcycles around a trail with two stream crossings – proved exceptionally strenuous. Several riders were severely fatigued and one rider was withdrawn from competition for the rest of the day by the GS Trophy doctors. In fact all three tests challenged the riders’ fitness, with the second test featuring a further stream crossing and bike pushing combination while the final test saw the teams again manhandling their machinery, this time lifting them over a fallen tree.

Tobi Weiser, Team Germany: “We’re really happy to have taken over the lead, actually surprised and a little daunted too – now we have to defend the position. We definitely had a good day, though, helped by teamwork and strategy.”

Teammate Ali Métayer: “We’re just three guys, not setting out to be competitive, just here to have fun and some adventure. It’s ironic we did so well because normally I hate getting my feet wet when riding, but today there was no alternative!”

Other highlights:

Team Brazil win the first photo competition.
The result of the first photo competition was announced today. The teams had each submitted a photo featuring any aspect of their first day in the GS Trophy and these were posted on the BMW Motorrad Facebook page for 24 hours for fans to vote on a winner. The top three were Team Brazil who submitted a night shot from the campsite showing their brand new BMWs, with the letters GS created by waving torches. Team South Africa were second and Team UK third. The points from the photo competition have been added to the day’s totals.

Video of Day 3 by BMW Motorrad:

GS Trophy 2012
Overall standings after three days:

1. Germany, 98 pts
2. France, 92
3. Argentina, 88
4. Italy, 85
5. Alps, 81
5. Canada, 81
7. Latin America, 76
8. UK, 75
9. USA, 71
10. CEEU, 69
11. South Africa, 60
12. Brazil, 45
13. Russia, 36
14. Spain, 32
15. Japan, 27

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