GS Trophy 2014: Canadian Team Selected

GS Trophy 2014: Canadian Team Selected

After GS Challenges in Ontario, Quebec and Alberta, the final three team members have now been chosen to represent Canada in the forthcoming 2014 International GS Trophy competition. Teams from around the world will battle to be crowned ‘world champions’ of the GS community.

BMW Motorrad subsidiaries globally are holding their own GS Challenges to qualify riders who will represent their respective country and BMW in the International GS Trophy event to be held in 2014. Due to Canada’s large geographical layout and logistical challenges, it was necessary again to use a format of three qualifiers to ensure Canadian GS Trophy team members from the east, central and west to represent BMW Motorrad Canada proudly in the 2014.


Beautiful Rocky Mountain, Alberta.

This year’s first Canadian GS Challenge began in Montreal, Quebec (East) in June, followed by the inaugural Ontario GS Challenge (Central) at Horseshoe Valley shortly thereafter. The final GS Challenge was held in Rocky Mountain, Alberta (West), which decided the third and final member of the 2014 GS Trophy Canadian Team.

The GS challenge events attracted men and women far and wide across the country, all with an objective to secure a spot on the 2014 Canadian GS Trophy team. Each GS Challenge consisted of a three day event that included lots of “GS” riding, skills competitions and plenty of great socializing among participants. On the third and final day of each event a handful of the top performing individual riders were then chosen to compete in the GS Trophy qualifiers for a spot on the Canadian GS Trophy team.

“West” winner Matt Wareing.

The final GS challenge qualifier for the last spot on the 2014 GS Trophy Canadian Team was recently held in the beautiful Rocky Mountain House area in Alberta. This rugged and scenic landscape tucked into the Rocky Mountains was the ideal backdrop to separate the off-roading experts from the enthusiasts. GS rider Matt Wareing emerged victorious to become the third and final member to represent Team Canada against the ‘rest of the world’ in 2014.

Matt will now team up with Quebec GS Challenge winner, Patrice Glaaude and the Ontario GS Challenge winner, Cory Hanson to battle for the international 2014 GS Trophy title next year. Commenting on the successful events, Chris Duff, Marketing Manager for BMW Motorrad Canada said, “We feel very strongly about providing a team made up of members that represent all of Canada. It worked out fantastically this year to be able to have winners from three regions represent their areas for Team Canada at the 2014 GS Trophy.”

The previous edition of the International GS Trophy in 2012 brought 15 teams with riders representing 19 nations together for a seven-day 1,200-mile (2,000-km) adventure across the Andean high country of the Chile-Argentina borderlands. Team Canada finished this event in seventh place, despite an injury to popular team member Marc-André Octeau, who had fallen during the fourth day’s Enduro test and sustained chest and shoulder injuries that required a period of hospitalization. The new team will no doubt be hoping for better luck and aiming for a higher finish in 2014, but expect the friendly rivalry to be just as intense as ever.

Log challenge.
Participants from the Ontario GS Challenge.

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