BMW Motorrad Seat Height Configurator

BMW Motorrad Seat Height Configurator

BMW Motorrad may have a reputation for building motorcycles with tall seat heights but in reality they make a variety of models for people of all shapes and sizes. While you won’t find the lowest, cruiser-style seat heights at your local dealership, many models are available with adjustable seats (or seat height options), suspension lowering kits or the shock and fork tubes can be manually adjusted by the rider.


Seat-Height-Config-3For several years, BMW Motorrad has been pushing the ‘inner leg curve’ measurement to help determine which motorcycle will offer a safe and comfortable riding experience. Put simply, the ‘inner leg curve’ measurement is the distance between the rider’s feet when sitting on the motorcycle with both feet firmly on the ground. If you’re not comfortable sitting “flat footed” then you might not be confident with low-speed maneuvering or bringing the bike to a stop at a light.

To help take the guesswork our of determining which BMW motorcycle fits your body, BMW has introduced the online BMW Motorrad Seat Height Configurator. Found at, you enter your gender, height, waist size and inner leg length measurement, and the Configurator will display all the BMW models that offer you the best comfort and stability. The results of the search can also be displayed according to model segment or engine capacity.

BMW Motorrad hopes that once you have this information at hand, you’ll be ready to contact your local dealer for more advice and a test ride.


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