New C650 Sport and C650GT Maxi-Scooters Revealed

New C650 Sport and C650GT Maxi-Scooters Revealed

BMW Motorrad has updated their two gas-powered maxi-scooters with an eye toward further differentiation of their target audiences. The sportier option gets a numerical name upgrade from C600 Sport to C650 Sport. This is in name only as it, and the new, touring-oriented C650GT, still share the same 60 hp (44 kW) parallel twin engine. They do get individual new exhaust cans for a more dynamic look while allowing the scooters to pass new EU4 pollution and ECE R41-04 noise regulations.


C650Sport-C650GT-2016-120The CVT transmission has been updated with new clutch linings with optimized engagement, a new transmission ratio spread, and a fine-tuning of the centrifugal force weights to create a more “dynamic” set-off response. The suspension and damper settings are new for a more comfortable ride while ABS and ASC are standard.

A new option for the C650GT only, is Side View Assist (SVA) which uses ultrasonic sensors to monitor a rider’s blind spot and light up a warning triangle at the base of the mirrors when needed. Check out our separate news item for more on this new-to-motorcycles technology.

C650Sport-C650GT-2016-124What really helps further the differentiation between these two models is their new styling. The new C650 Sport gets a much more sporty fairing in orange or white while the new C650GT, in black or bronze, has new rear side panels and a new rear light to highlight its more comfort oriented mission. Both models get a new cockpit look and handlebar trim.

Availability and price haven’t been announced. Since slow sales of the C600 Sport caused it to be dropped from BMW Motorrad USA’s 2015 lineup, and the C evolution electric scooter has never been offered here, we’ll have to wait and see if BMW’s sporty urban scooter makes a return for 2016.

Here is BMW Motorrad’s press release:

The new BMW C 650 Sport. The new BMW C 650 GT.

2016 BMW C650 Sport

The new C 650 Sport and C 650 GT – dynamic maxi scooters for sports, touring and urban cruising.
The differing conceptual emphasis of each of the two BMW maxi scooters enables a broader target group to be addressed than previously: the C 650 Sport is geared towards riders with a sporty bent while the C 650 GT sets its sights on those who attach greater importance to comfort and touring capability.

The new C 650 Sport and the new C 650 GT now go further towards addressing these aspirations. With an extensively modified drivetrain, more comfortable suspension settings and a completely revised design for the C 650 Sport, they combine more markedly than before the excellent ride qualities of a motorcycle with the specific agility and comfort offered by the maxi scooter concept.

Optimized drivetrain set-up and new exhaust system for a more active riding experience.
The 2-cylinder in-line engine with a capacity of 647 cc once again ensures dynamic propulsion in the new maxi scooters C 650 Sport and C 650 GT. The rated output in both models is 44 kW (60 hp) at 7 500 rpm. A variant is also available with 35 kW (48 hp) at 7 000 rpm. Engine mapping was redefined for use in the new C 650 Sport and the new C 650 GT with a view to satisfying the requirements of the EU4 pollutant class. What is more, a new silencer gives the vehicles a more dynamic look as well as providing a particularly full sound and enabling adherence to the new ECE R41-04 noise test regulations.

2016 BMW C650GT

A new CVT transmission set-up in conjunction with new clutch linings enables optimised clutch engagement and therefore a significantly more dynamic set-off response. This was achieved by changing the transmission ratio spread of the CVT as well as by fine-tuning the centrifugal force weights.

New suspension and damper set-up for increased comfort.
The suspension construction of the new C 650 Sport and C 650 GT continues to use a torsionally stiff hybrid composite structure consisting of a tubular steel bridge frame and a die-cast aluminium unit in the area of the swinging arm bearing. Retaining the existing spring travel of 115 millimetres in each case, it was possible to create a more comfortable suspension set-up. As a result, the C 650 Sport and C 650 GT offer a perfect compromise between sporty flair and comfort.

ABS and ASC as standard for maximum safety when braking and accelerating. Side View Assist option for the C 650 GT.
Based on the “Safety 360°” principle, the optimum design of the brake system in conjunction with the standard BMW Motorrad ABS Bosch 9.1MB ensures the very highest level of active riding safety. Another safety bonus is the ASC (Automatic Stability Control), which is now also on board ex works as standard. Additional comfort is also offered by a feature that is a world first for two-wheel vehicles: the first motorcycle rider assistance system Side View Assist (SVA). This new option for the C 650 GT supports the rider when changing lane, for instance, by monitoring the blind spot – especially useful in an urban environment.

Completely new dynamic design for the C 650 Sport and detailed stylistic fine-tuning for the C 650 GT. 
The new edition of the two models particularly features a more modern, dynamic and future-oriented design for the C 650 Sport. This integrates it seamlessly in the BMW Motorrad design philosophy. By contrast the C 650 GT – positioned in the Comfort subsegment – has been fine-tuned with new rear side trim panels and a new rear light unit. Both models have also been fitted with newly designed instrument dials as well as new handlebar trim. Other new features include the revised kinematics of the centre stand and the automatic daytime riding light function.

The attractive paint finishes of the new C 650 Sport and C 650 GT. 
The C 650 Sport and C 650 GT are each offered in three colour variants. The Valencia Orange metallic matt of the C 650 Sport highlights its athletic character and in conjunction with the contrast surfaces gives it a dynamic, modern appearance. By contrast, Lightwhite non-metallic makes the new C 650 Sport look technical, compact and light. In Blackstorm metallic the new C 650 Sport appeals to a more classically oriented clientele. In the C 650 GT, Blackstorm metallic highlights the elegant character of the vehicle, while Frozen Bronze metallic in conjunction with a contrasting tone creates a harmonious paint finish that clearly emphasises the styling of the new C 650 GT. Lightwhite non-metallic highlights the dynamic side of the C 650 GT. This colour gives it a particularly light and agile look.

An overview of the new features in the C 650 Sport and C 650 GT:

  • New CVT set-up in conjunction with revised clutch linings for more dynamic clutch engagement and a more spontaneous set-off response.
  • New suspension and damping set-up for an ideal compromise between sport and comfort.
  • In addition to ABS, now also ASC as standard for maximum safety when accelerating.
  • Completely new, dynamic design for the C 650 Sport.
  • Detailed stylistic fine-tuning for the C 650 GT.
  • New silencer for a fuller sound and more dynamic appearance.
  • New instrument dial design.
  • New handlebar trim elements with chrome applications.
  • New, higher-quality surfaces (graining effects).
  • Automatic daytime riding light.
  • Revised kinematics of the centre stand for easier use.
  • New rider assistance system Side View Assist (SVA) for the C 650 GT.
  • New paint finishes for the C 650 Sport: Valencia Orange metallic matt,
    Lightwhite non-metallic and Blackstorm metallic.
  • New paint finishes for the C 650 GT: Blackstorm metallic, Frozen Bronze metallic and Lightwhite non-metallic

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