We’re sorry to inform you that the Digital Edition of BMW Motorcycle Magazine, sold through Apple, is discontinuing publication after the Fall 2018 issue. Therefore, we have disabled new subscriptions and will not be renewing current subscriptions. We are also working with the App Store to set up refunds for current subscribers, and Apple will notify subscribers to claim prorated refunds. Individual digital back issues are still available for purchase in the app.

Note: In general, once an issue is downloaded to your device, you can view it on that device indefinitely. However, there are circumstances that may require you to re-download an issue from our servers, such as upgrading to a new device or archiving an issue, since iOS restricts larger content like magazine issues from being included in backups. We’re planning to continue running these servers for at least one year from the date that sales of back issues are discontinued. No date has been set yet for discontinuing sales.


Frequently Asked Questions

Online Support:

Q: How can I get support that’s not answered in this FAQ?
A: Email us using the Contact button in our app’s More menu. If you’re unable to access the app’s More menu, please email us by clicking here.

How/Where to buy:

Q: How do I get the app?
A: Download it from the iTunes app store.

Q: What devices can the app be used with? Can I use it on my computer or smartphone?
A: It is only available for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch at this time.


Q: How much does the app cost?
A: The app is a free download and there is a free sampler mini-issue. Individual issues of BMW Motorcycle Magazine can be bought from within the app for a limited-time at the discounted price of $4.99 USD each—saving about $2 apiece from what you’d pay for the print magazine on the newsstand. Subscriptions are also available through the app at a discounted rate of $15.99 USD per year, saving you about $4 per year. Plus, with the purchase of a digital subscription, you receive the current issue as a complimentary download. That’s five issues for the price of four!

Q: Shouldn’t digital magazines be cheap?
A: While digital magazines do away with print magazine’s traditional delivery costs (printing and postage) they are replaced by other software and fulfillment costs. The cost of creating our great content remains the same.

Q: Is the app available for international readers?
A: Yes! Canadian and International subscribers can save money by choosing the Digital Edition because there is no surcharge for international postage. With the Digital Version, they pay the same price as US subscribers. And International subscribers do not have to wait for issues to arrive in the mail. Issues are available worldwide on the same day.


Q: Does reading the Digital Edition require Internet access?
A: You must be connected to the Internet to download each issue and update the library of issues available. Once the issue is on your device, however, you don’t need to be connected to the Internet to read the magazine or access interactive content included with the issue. Some features and additional content, however, are hosted on the Internet and those will require a connection to the Internet.

Q: About how much memory does one issue take up?
A: The actual size of each issue varies between 200 and 500 megabytes. If you run low on memory in your device you can “archive” issues (which removes the files from your device) and download them again for free later.

UPDATE: From iOS5 and later, the OS manages the issue repository and will automatically purge issues when free space on your device gets low using “intelligent decision making” based on the issue’s release date and what issue you are currently reading. Space permitting, purchased issues can be re-downloaded for free at any time.

Q: How long will it take to download an issue?
A: Given the size of the issue files, we recommend you connect via WiFi to a fast Internet connection before downloading. In which case it may only take a few minutes to download an issue.

Q: Can I use my cellular data package to download an issue?
A: Yes, but cellular data connections are much slower than typical WiFi connections. Also, your cellular host may charge you for the amount of data you use. You are responsible for all data transfer charges.


Q: How do I restore a previous purchase?
A: You can restore your purchases to your device using our app’s restore mechanism. From within the app, select the More menu, then select Restore Previous Purchases. After authenticating with the Apple ID you used for your purchases, the button under your purchased or subscribed issues will change to Download.

Q: Does the issue expire?
A: No. Once you download an issue you can view it for as long as you keep the app.

Q: If I delete an issue, can I download it again for free later?
A: Yes. Simply touch the “Archive” button below an issue to remove it from your iOS device and free up space. You can re-download it for free at any time. Items such as the Sampler mini-issue or other no-cost promotional pieces may be updated or eliminated from the Library as necessary, but that will not include regular magazine issues.

Q: How will I receive my digital issues of BMW Motorcycle Magazine?
A: You’ll receive a notification (if you allow notifications from the app) when each new issue becomes available. If you disable notifications for this app, you’ll need to check the app’s library or visit our website to see when new issues are available.

UPDATE: From iOS5 and later, if you purchase a digital subscription new releases will be automatically delivered to your device without requiring any interaction at all, as long as your device is connected to a Wi-Fi network and push notifications are turned on for the BMW Motorcycle Magazine app.

Q: Can I share the digital issue with friends?
A: Not the entire issue but you can share a page by email, Facebook or Twitter. Or, you can buy your friend an App store gift card.


Q: Does my print-magazine subscription include free digital editions?
A: No. The print edition and the digital edition are handled as two separate subscriptions. We do, however, offer a discounted print subscription “add-on” for those who want both the digital edition and a printed magazine. The “add on” price covers only the additional cost to print and mail paper magazines to subscribers.

Q: Why isn’t the digital version free with a print subscription?
A: There are separate costs associated with delivering the digital edition to readers including the cost to create and maintain this app, unique costs to prepare the content for the app, fulfillment costs to sell the content on the Apple iTunes store and bandwidth to deliver the content to you. We do offer a discounted print subscription “add-on” for digital edition subscribers so you do not have to pay for the content twice.

Q: How do I switch a print subscription to a digital edition subscription?
A: Since the digital and print magazine subscriptions are handled separately, we ask you to purchase a new digital edition subscription through the app first and then contact us to have your print subscription canceled. You will receive a refund for all issues that have not shipped. Please follow these steps:

  1. From within the app, order a new digital edition subscription to BMW Motorcycle Magazine.
  2. Let us know you have purchased a digital edition subscription and wish to cancel your current print subscription by using the “Contact” feature in the app. Be sure to include your name and address currently on your print subscription and do not delete the receipt information that appears on the bottom of the email.
  3. We will reply by email with specifics on your account and arrangements for a refund, if applicable. If your print subscription was placed less than 30 days prior, you will receive a refund for all unshipped issues in the same manner in which you originally ordered. If your print subscription was placed earlier than 30 days before digital purchase, a refund check may be issued or you may choose to convert to a print-and-digital combination.

Q: How do I order a new subscription to both the digital and print editions?
A: Since the digital and print magazine subscriptions are handled separately, you will need to order a digital edition subscription from within the app first and then order the “print edition add-on for digital edition subscribers.” To help ensure the print and digital issues coincide as closely as possible, both should be ordered at the same time or within 48 hours from purchase of digital subscription. Please follow these steps:

  1. From within the app, order a new digital edition subscription to BMW Motorcycle Magazine.
  2. Follow instructions in app for Combo Offer when prompted. These will be: a) Click “Learn More” with message about Combo Offer, b) Send the email created by the app, which will then take you to our website order form and c) place order.
  3. If the process is interrupted, you may use the “Combo Print/Digital Offer” button under the “More” menu in the app to start again, but please do so within 48 hours of the digital purchase to help ensure the print and digital issues coincide as closely as possible.
  4. If you have any questions, email us using the Contact option in the app or by clicking here.

Note: We must be able to confirm your digital edition subscription before sending you magazines through the “print edition add-on for digital edition subscribers.” If for any reason your digital edition subscription ends, your current print subscription will be converted to a standard print subscription at the current subscription rate. Renewals for the “print edition add-on” will be sent exclusively by email (see renewal info below).

Q: How do I add the digital edition to my current print subscription?
A: Please email comments@bmwmcmag.com so we can determine the balance of your current print subscription remaining. We can then use that balance toward a new “print edition add-on for digital edition subscribers” which will coincide with a new digital edition subscription. If your balance is more than the cost of the “add-on,” a refund will be issued.

Q: Do I have to pay separately for the digital and print subscription renewals?
A: The digital and print magazine subscriptions are handled completely separately. Your digital edition is ordered and renewed through the Apple subscription service. Each year, your digital subscription will automatically renew for another year unless you cancel the subscription through your device (see below).  You will need to order and renew the “print edition add-on for digital edition subscribers” separately each year by responding to the notice you will receive through the app and following the instructions (as above described when initially ordering the Combo Offer). Note: we may also send email renewal reminders. Therefore, it’s necessary to maintain a valid email address with the BMW Motorcycle Magazine.

Q: How do I cancel my digital subscription?
A: Your subscription will renew automatically each year (for annual subscribers) unless you cancel it. To do so, open the “Settings” app on your device and select “iTunes & App Stores” (just named “Store” prior to iOS 6). Tap on your Apple ID and select “View Apple ID.” Once your account information appears, scroll down to “Manage App Subscriptions.” Here you can turn your subscriptions off and on. Apple does not offer refunds after a subscription has been ordered or for partial year cancellations.

Multiple devices

Q: I have both an iPad and an iPhone. How do I read my issues on both devices?
A: Your subscription and/or back issue purchases are tied to your Apple ID, not to your device. Therefore, as long as you’re using the same Apple ID on both devices you’ll never be charged twice for the same item. Attempting to purchase an item you’ve previously purchased on a different device will lead to an App Store message “You’ve already purchased this item. Click continue to download for free.”

Alternatively, you can restore your purchases to a different device by visiting the More menu from within the app, then select select Restore Previous Purchases. After authenticating with the Apple ID you used for your purchases, the button under your purchased or subscribed issues will change to Download.

Q: What is synced between devices?
A: When configured properly (see below), the following are synced between devices:
• Knowledge of the last issue being read as well as the last page number read in any issue
• Bookmarks
• Changes to settings within the app’s Settings window (see Settings under the app’s More menu)
Here are 4 sample use cases to give you an example of what’s done:
1.) Initial sync: After using the app on your iPad, install on the iPhone and the iPhone will already know what pages you were last reading in any issue, what bookmarks have been created, and any Settings you’ve changed within the app.
2.) Bookmarks Sync: With both iPhone and iPad open and within the the same issue, open the bookmarks display. Add a bookmark on one device and watch it appear on the other.
3.) Settings Sync: On both your iPhone and iPad, open Settings from the More menu. Change a Settings toggle on one device and watch it change on the other.
4.) Current page read sync: With both iPhone and iPad open and within the same issue, change pages on your iPad and click the power button to lock your iPad (or leave the app by hitting the home button). The page will change on your iPhone to match the last page read on the iPad.

Q: How quickly does this information sync between devices?
A: Syncs usually happen within 10 seconds or so, but may take up to 2-3 minutes.


Q: The app doesn’t load anything. What do I do?
A: First, make sure you’re connected to Internet via Wi-Fi or 3G. For further help, please email us.

Q: I found a problem with the App. Now what?
A: Send us your questions with as much information as possible (so we can recreate the problem) and we’ll assist you through it or attempt to fix any bugs. If you’ve successfully downloaded our app to your device, go to the More menu then select Contact. Otherwise, use the form here and select “Digital Edition Support” from the menu.

Q: My devices aren’t syncing the pages I’ve read, my bookmarks, or my app settings. How do I configure my devices for sync?
A: Principally, you simply have to enable iCloud on each device. See the Settings app under iCloud.
Should you experience difficulties syncing your devices, please additionally check the following:
• In the Settings app under iCloud, “Documents and Data” is enabled
• In the BMW Motorcycle Magazine app, under the More menu, select Settings. Verify iCloud Sync is enabled.

Download it now from the App Store.