FREE Beemer Trivia App Launched

FREE Beemer Trivia App Launched

Fun Trivia Game for BMW Motorcycle Riders Introduced by BMW Motorcycle Magazine

Do you know which motorcycle brand first featured an integrated fairing, hydraulically damped fork or ABS? I’ll give you a hint, the answers can be found in Beemer Trivia — a new game available now for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Sports fans aren’t the only enthusiasts who know every stat. Test your BMW motorcycle knowledge and maybe learn something new while playing this multiple-choice quiz game.

Each question starts with a full tank of “gas” and you need to choose the correct answer before the fuel runs out. Answer quickly and you rack up more “miles.” Questions get progressively more difficult and each wrong answer will remove a helmet from the display — three wrong answers and your ride is done.

Here’s your chance to show what you know and challenge your friends with an optional online leaderboard. Other features include pause and resume buttons (so you can stop and continue anytime); engine, music and other sound effects; or use the integrated iPod controls to listen to your own road music. You can even submit your own questions and answers. The new Beemer Trivia app enhances the BMW riding experience by learning about the features and history behind a rider’s favorite motorcycle brand.

“BMW riders appreciate the latest in technology, and this new app is a fun way to learn about their favorite brand of motorcycle,” says Sandy Cohen, editor of BMW Motorcycle Magazine.

Beemer Trivia is available FREE on the iTunes App store through a sponsorship with BMW Motorcycle Magazine — the quarterly independent magazine for BMW motorcycle enthusiasts. For a limited time, reaching 2,500 “miles” in the game unlocks a promo code for a discount on a subscription to BMW Motorcycle Magazine.

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