Kirssi is European champion again

Kirssi is European champion again

Simo Kirssi ended his BMW supremacy with one more title after winning the 2010 European Cross Country Championship at Rudolstadt, Germany. The Finn, riding for Team BMW Husqvarna Motorsport, defended his crown with a dominant race win — his last ever aboard the BMW 450X.

In total, Kirssi won 16 of the 24 cross country races he officially entered since 2008. The 31-year-old took two German and three European titles during that period, presenting an unrivalled success story to the Bavarian brand. No wonder emotions were flying high as Kirssi crossed the finish line, because fans and friends knew they were witnessing something special.

The Rudolstadt track as a newcomer to the Cross Country series proved to be the perfect choice for a grand finale. The layout had everything a rider could wish for, including motocross elements, up and down tree sections littered with roots, full throttle stages, tricky corners — in fact, just the right combination to entertain the 2,500 fans and keep the riders on their toes.

The Pro race turned out to be a classic Kirssi performance. The reigning champ kept a low profile during the early stages of the two-hour moto, before putting the hammer down around the midway point. Kirssi’s fitness has never been in question, and he used the second half of the race to show once again that he’s not only the fittest, but also the fastest. In the end he won by a huge margin.

Simo Kirssi said, “As usual, the bike worked perfectly. I didn’t want to take any risks and played it safe in the beginning. I upped my speed just before coming in for fuel, and managed to run away with the win afterwards. This is a superb location here. There were many fans present as well. I’d like to thank BMW Motorrad for their outstanding support, because I was part of a great team. Winning all these titles together has been a result of all this teamwork. A big thanks goes to my brother and mechanic Juho, to our team manager Wolfgang Fischer and to Berti Hauser. It’s a bit sad having to return my BMW, but at the same time I’m looking forwards to the challenges ahead.”

Cross-Country European Championship 2010 results

1. Simo Kirssi (FIN), BMW Husqvarna Motorsport, 66,51 Punkte
2. Chris Weiss (GER), TM, 47,49
3. Andrea Tronconi (ITA), Honda, 44,85
4. Steffen Albrecht (GER), Yamaha, 44,25
5. Chris Gundermann (GER), Yamaha, 42,38
6. Massimo Ballati (ITA), Yamaha, 40,35
7. Andreas Schulz (GER), KTM, 39,12
8. Matteo Zecchin (ITA), KTM, 22,50
9. Mario Hirschmuggl (AUT), KTM, 19,35
10. Samuli Aro (FIN), KTM, 17,37

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