Efficient Dynamics Pinball App

Efficient Dynamics Pinball App

Sustainability is an integral part of the BMW Group’s corporate strategy — it was defined as a core strategic principle back in 2000. Sustainability is firmly entrenched throughout the BMW Group’s entire value chain: from the development of fuel-saving and alternative vehicle concepts through clean production processes to environmentally-friendly recycling practices. The BMW Group employs roughly 96,000 worldwide and is actively involved in social projects that extend beyond the gates of its plants. Many of the materials that go into motorcycle production are recycled and recyclable. BMW was the first manufacturer to add catalytic converters to their motorcycles and their entire lineup includes them today.

As part of BMW’s “What’s next?” corporate campaign, they have put together an exhibit in the Munich Airport’s Terminal 2 departure lounge to bring sustainable concepts to life. The exhibit features an Efficient Dynamics pinball machine, a virtual water cycle, a driving simulator and an application for optimizing traffic flow.

The pinball exhibit, a virtual version of the classic pinball game, was developed by the BMW Group and can now be downloaded as a free application for the iPad and iPhone from the App Store (search for “Efficient Dynamics Pinball“). The description is in German, and the game initially starts up in German, but a button on the lower right title, “EN,” will switch it to English. An online version of the game is also available at www.bmwgroup.com/whatsnext.

The app helps users understand the BMW Group’s strategies for reducing CO2 emissions through gameplay. The object of the game is to collect CO2-reduction points by activating Efficient Dynamics technologies. The various elements of the pinball game represent individual technologies which are activated by contact with the ball, thereby reducing CO2 emissions. Additional Efficient Dynamics measures come into play at different levels and a multi-ball function in Level 3 symbolizes the incorporation of all measures into the vehicle fleet, maximizing the emission-reducing effect.

Information on BMW Group Efficient Dynamics technologies can be accessed directly from the application.

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