‘RR’acing Motorcycles Are Not Just for the Guys…

‘RR’acing Motorcycles Are Not Just for the Guys…

Long thought of as an exclusive ‘club’ for gentlemen, high-performance sports bikes such as the BMW S1000RR have been attracting the attention of a growing number of women used to living life in the fast lane. Among these is 21-year-old model, actress and TV presenter Alena Gerber, whose jet-set lifestyle has taken her all over the world as a fashion model and TV star. However, when at home in her native Germany, the cover girl likes to don helmet and leathers, and head out on the highway on her 193hp RR.

Proving the RR is not just a ‘hot bike’ for guys, but the machine of choice for hot girls too, the 5′ 9″ green-eyed blond discovered the joys of motorcycling when she was just 15 and living in the USA, but ever since having her license accepted in Germany, she has been enjoying the powerful RR sports bike that has won awards and Superbike races all over the world.

“I just love the RR. I got it brand new just a couple of months ago and every time I ride it, it leaves me with a huge smile,” says Alena. “It’s so much fun to ride and really cool to look at. It’s my absolute favorite motorcycle.”

Being in the limelight was always going to be inevitable for Alena Gerber. Her mother was a beauty queen and fashion model and her father owned a fashion company, so she started modeling for her father at the tender age of 12 before being recruited by a scout. Soon, runway appearances, commercials and print advertisements followed before the ambitious Gerber decided to try her luck in Milan where she worked for some of the biggest names in fashion, including Escada, L’oreal Paris, Dsquared, Hilfiger and Talbot & Runhof.

At the age of just 16, she moved to Atlanta, Georgia to combine both school and modeling and successfully landed her first major campaigns. Since then she has lived and worked all over the world, including Milan, Shanghai, Athens, Vienna, Zurich, Rome, Miami, Bangkok, and Los Angeles. Since 2008, Alena has acted in TV shows, movies and moderated on many television programs and music events. She recently was awarded her own TV show in Switzerland, called Usgang.TV.

Her love for adrenaline and her adventurous nature have made her a passionate biker, and despite the fact that she got her license nine years ago in the USA, she never had as much fun riding a motorcycle until recently, claiming that riding the RR gives her a feeling that can’t be described – only experienced – despite the inherent risks.

“I’m aware that it’s a big risk and with my career, I just couldn’t have any cuts and bruises, but the fun factor is just so huge that I can’t give it up. I love riding this bike on twisty roads but also in the city when it’s getting dark. I also use it for longer rides to Switzerland where I work as a moderator in a TV show. I usually ride with a dark visor, so most of the guys on the street don’t realize that I’m a woman, as I like to hide my hair when I’m on the bike. But when I remove my helmet, it’s always a talking point for the guys to see a girl on a double R, so it’s great to be a woman in a community dominated by men.”

As a model and actress, Alena is very aware how difficult it is to be identified as a biker in the masculine world of sports bikes; however, she is not just a ‘fair weather rider’, as she recently visited the BMW Motorrad Days event in Garmisch-Partenkirchen choosing to ride through atrocious rain rather than drive, so that she could prove that ‘sisters can do it for themselves’ – even when the weather takes a turn for the worse.

“It was my first time at BMW Motorrad Days and having seen so many cool bikes, I wish I’d been there before,” she said. “The ride down was terrible – there were hailstones on the highway, it was very cold and I had to be careful, but it was good to arrive on the RR. You wouldn’t believe just how much a girl can pack into a small rucksack!”

If you would like to see more of Elana, check out her website at www.alenagerber.de.

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