BMW Motorrad Sales Up 10.4% in November 2012

BMW Motorrad Sales Up 10.4% in November 2012

BMW Motorrad set a November sales record by delivering to customers 6,749 motorcycles and maxi scooters worldwide. This is 10.4% more than the 6,112 sold in November 2011. This big monthly increase brings total sales of motorcycles and maxi scooters for this year up through November into the positive column by 0.2% (100,289 vs. 100,054 units).

Heiner Faust, Head of Sales and Marketing BMW Motorrad, says, “In spite of a great deal of headwind coming from some European markets, we have been able to increase sales significantly compared to November of last year. Good sales in Germany, Latin America and Asia are responsible for the considerable rise in sales. Looking at the seven largest individual markets, BMW has been able to maintain market leadership in Germany, Spain and Italy in the 500-plus cubic capacity segment relative for BMW Motorrad. Overall we are in third position in these seven markets as of November. We are well on track especially in view of the coming R1200GS model change which had already been announced, this model accounting for approximately 17% of sales volume alone. For December we are also expecting increased sales as compared to December 2011. We will then achieve our aim of finishing the 2012 motorcycle season with a new sales record.”

Maxi scooters, including this BMW C650GT, are adding to BMW's bottom line.
BMW S1000RR sales remain strong in the United States.

BMW Motorrad USA reported sales of 777 motorcycles in November, an increase of 43.6% from the total of 541 motorcycles sold in November 2011. Year-to-date, BMW Motorrad USA is up 15.1% on sales of 11,139 compared to 9,674 sold in the first eleven months of 2011.

In November, the best performing models in the US included the newly introduced maxi scooters, with impressive first full-month sales of 163 units. Rarely has a new product in a completely new market segment performed so well in Q4 according to BMW. Additionally, the S1000RR sales nearly tripled to 129 units; and the F800GS, is up 40% to 60 units.

With a total of 9,484 units, Husqvarna Motorcycles supplied 19.2% more motorcycles worldwide from January up to and including November than in the previous year (7,956 units). In November, 1,155 vehicles (-2.2%) were supplied to the Husqvarna dealer network.

On the automobile side, the BMW Group experienced growth on all continents in November and achieved another record month in sales. With 170,932 (prev. yr. 138,954) BMW, MINI and Rolls-Royce brand automobiles delivered worldwide, sales were 23.0% higher than in the same month last year. It was also the best first eleven months for the company, with sales up 10.1% compared to the same period last year. A total of 1,664,088 BMW Group vehicles were delivered during this time (prev. yr. 1,510,857), just short of the total number of vehicles delivered in the whole of 2011 (1,668,982).

From January to November, 1,388,274 BMW brand vehicles were delivered, which was 10.9% higher than for the same period in the previous year (1,252,202). MINI delivered 25,077 vehicles worldwide in November (prev. yr. 23,528), which was an increase of 6.6% compared to the previous year. In the U.S., MINI sales increased by 10.5% to 5,248 (prev. yr. 4,750) and in Mainland China sales soared by 66.1% to 2,085 vehicles (prev. yr. 1,255).

In Europe, where conditions remain challenging, the BMW Group increased sales of its vehicles by 9.9% to 76,084 in November (prev. yr. 69,237). For the period from January to November, BMW Group sales increased slightly in Europe, with a total of 787,286 vehicles delivered (prev. yr. 775,837/ +1.5%). In Asia, BMW Group sales soared by 48.9% last month to 45,990 vehicles (prev. yr. 30,886). The company made strong gains in Asia in the first eleven months of the year, with sales climbing 30.0% to 444,859 vehicles (prev. yr. 342,176). Mainland China accounted for 31,090 deliveries in November, an increase of 62.3% over the same month in the previous year (19,155).

In the Americas, the BMW Group also experienced strong growth in November with 43,356 vehicles delivered, an increase of 29.0% on the previous year (33,599). Since the beginning of the year, 373,398 vehicles have been delivered to customers in the Americas (prev. yr. 339,789/ +9.9%). In the U.S., BMW Group sales climbed 38.8% in November to 36,461 vehicles (prev. yr. 26,271). Year-to-date, the BMW Group is up 11.3% on sales of 303,728 vehicles in the first eleven months of 2012 compared to 272,873 in the same period in 2011.


BMW Group sales in/up to November 2012 at a glance

In Nov. 2012 Comp. to previous year Up to/incl. Nov. 2012 Comp. to previous year
BMW Group Automobiles 170,932 +23.0% 1,664,088 +10.1%
BMW 145,452 +26.4% 1,388,274 +10.9%
MINI 25,077 +6.6% 272,773 +6.7%
BMW Motorrad 6,749 +10.4% 100,289 +0.2%
Husqvarna Motorcycles 1,155 -2.2% 9,484 +19.2

* Note: BMW releases Rolls-Royce sales figures on a quarterly basis.

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