Unique Posters Advertise Start of the 2013 Motorcycle Season in Italy

Unique Posters Advertise Start of the 2013 Motorcycle Season in Italy

Locandina_Anni30It’s Spring in the northern hemisphere which means the start of a new riding season for Americans and Europeans. To mark the occasion and market dealership open houses across Italy, BMW Motorrad Italia put together several fun posters in a variety of styles (Futuristic, Art Deco and Pop Art) showing the 90 Years Special Edition models in a variety of evocative situations. The key message on each poster can be translates as, “as time passes, our passion remains the same.” Also, a special campaign logo was also produced to accompany all communication.

All participants who registered to attend the dealer open weekends via the BMW Motorrad Italia website could enter a competition to win an all-expenses paid trip to Munich, with the exclusive use of a 90th anniversary Boxer bike, as well as a guided tour to BMW World and the BMW Museum included.

According to BMW Motorrad Italia Marketing Manager Salvatore Nanni, the passionate Italian fans of the brand flocked to dealerships nationwide, taking advantage of good early spring weather to get out on their bikes and meet up with fellow BMW enthusiasts, as well as participate in test rides of new models.

“It was an extremely positive start to the new riding season, as we had more than 20,000 visitors making their way to dealerships over the weekend – many of them completely new to the brand and currently riding competitor machines,” he said. “Our dealers conducted more than 1,200 test rides also, giving many people a good look at some of the exciting new products coming our way. In fact, across the network, there was clear evidence of the BMW Community expanding, and with many more thrilling activities and new model introductions taking place throughout the year, this interest is growing all the time.”

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