BMW Motorrad Sees Record First Quarter Sales

BMW Motorrad Sees Record First Quarter Sales

After a down January and a leveling off in February, a strong March has BMW Motorrad’s quarterly sales into record territory. For the first three months they have sold more motorcycles worldwide than in any first quarter in their history. Sales rose 1.5% to 24,732 vehicles compared to the 24,373 sold in the first quarter of 2012. A total of 13,067 BMW motorcycles were delivered in March – an increase of 6.3% on the previous year (12,295).

BMW Motorrad USA reported sales of 1,525 motorcycles in March, an increase of 7.6% from the 1,417 sold in March 2012. Year-to-date, BMW Motorrad USA is up 4.9% on sales of 2,964 compared to 2,826 sold in the first three months of 2012. Leading the way in March were the middleweight F-Series machines with growth of 65% from sales of 363 units compared to 220 a year ago with additional contributions from the recently introduced HP4 and C650GT maxi-scooter with 70 and 53 units respectively.


On the automobile side, the BMW Group sold more vehicles in March than in any other month in its history. The company sold a total of 191,269 BMW, MINI and Rolls-Royce vehicles in the past month, exceeding the previous all-time high in March last year (185,741 units/+3.0%). The company also achieved a new high for the first three months: Retail volumes for the year to the end of March increased by 5.3% to 448,200 units (prev. yr. 425,543 units).

With worldwide sales of 159,195 vehicles (prev. yr.: 153,016/+4.0%) in March, more BMW brand vehicles were sold in a single month than ever before. Sales for the year to the end of March reached a record 381,404 vehicles (prev. yr. 356,562), an increase of 7.0% over the first three months of last year. A total of 31,763 MINI brand vehicles were delivered worldwide to customers in March (prev. yr. 32,422/-2.0%) and 66,154 (prev. yr. 68,211/-3.0%) vehicles were sold in the first quarter of 2013. The slight decrease in the first quarter is attributed to the four-week closure of the MINI Oxford plant for renovations at the beginning of the year.

Following record figures in 2012, Rolls-Royce motor cars delivered to customers in the first quarter were down 16.6% (642) compared to the previous year. This is within the company’s planning cycle, as the manufacturing plant underwent rebalancing and preparations for the start of production of the new Rolls-Royce Wraith. Sales in March showed an increase of 2.6% (311) compared to the same period in 2012, underlining the company’s cautious optimism for another strong year in 2013.

The BMW Group made gains in many markets in the first three months. Solid first quarters in both the U.S. and China contributed to the increase in BMW Group worldwide sales. In the U.S., a record 78,957 vehicles were delivered, an increase of 4.3% over the same period in 2012 (75,729). From January to the end of March a record total of 86,070 vehicles were delivered to customers in Mainland China, an increase of 7.6% compared with the same period last year (prev. yr. 80,014). Other Asian markets, such as Japan (14,990/+7.2%) and South Korea (8,900/+16.9%) also reported solid gains in the first three months of the year. Strong growth was also reported by the Middle East markets, with 6,303 vehicles delivered (prev. yr. 4,936/+27.7%).

In the company’s home market of Germany, a total of 63,675 BMW Group vehicles were registered (prev. yr. 66,214/-3.8%) in the first quarter. Despite the headwinds in the market, the company managed to gain segment share and now leads the premium segment in Germany. In Russia, sales jumped by 21.1% in the first three months to a total of 9,377 vehicles (prev. yr. 7,743). In the whole region of Europe, the company reported a slight increase, with 207,128 vehicles sold in the period (prev. yr. 200,954/+3.1%).

BMW Group sales in/up to March 2013 at a glance

In March 2013 Comp to previous year Up to/Incl. March 2013 Comp to previous year
BMW Group Automobiles 191,269 +3.0% 448,200 +5.3%
BMW 159,195 +4.4% 381,404 +7.0%
MINI 31,763 -2.0% 66,154 -3.0%
Rolls-Royce* 311 +2.6% 642 -16.6%
BMW Motorcycles 13,067 +6.3% 24,732 +1.5%

*Rolls Royce sales are reported quarterly.

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