Chilean Police Men and Women Receive F700GS Authority Motorcycles

Chilean Police Men and Women Receive F700GS Authority Motorcycles

A total of 64 new BMW F700GS Authority motorcycles were presented to policemen and women from the Officers School of Carabineers in Santiago, Chile. The lucky Carabineers received their motorcycles during a special ceremony attended by the Chilean President Michelle Bachelet, which took place at the Honorable Carabineers Institution at the former airfield of Cierrillos.


F700GS-Carabineros-3The Chilean President made a statement of equality among male and female Carabineers by presenting 32 motorcycles to female and 32 to male Carabineers. The President stated that from now on, men and women will receive the same equipment in order to perform their duties. As part of the formalities, five female Carabineers were honored by symbolically receiving the keys to their new motorcycles from the President

Congratulations then followed for the responsibilities these brave men and women now have in their hands, and the President made sure to remind them that the new motorcycles will allow them to fulfil their duties in serving the Institution, especially in safeguarding the security and wellbeing of thousands of Chilean men and women.

“Herald of Wellness” is the Carabineers’ motto, and now it is represented by the equality among the men and women who wear the uniform. Specifically, it is also the official recognition that female Carabineers now have the same possibilities of operation and versatility that were once exclusive to men. In upgrading their capabilities for the best fulfilment of their duties – both on- and off-road in transit control – the motorcycles will help serve as key elements in operational functions, as the President explained. BMW Motorrad has been an important partner for the Chilean police institutions in the pursuit of security and public wellness for 20 years.

F700GS-Carabineros-1When speaking of public well-being, the Carabineers know that their own safety is also paramount, so rider training plays an important role. In fact, BMW Motorrad Certified Trainers prepare each Carabineer for duty with a three-month program of rider training that teaches the highest standards of safety riding skills, encompassing both on- and off-road techniques. All of these skills were displayed during the ceremony by the female Carabineers in a very complex skills demonstration. Every Carabineer was also equipped with a BMW System VI Evo Helmet, Allround Boots and Rallye 3 Gloves.

Female Carabineers were able to discuss their experiences upgrading from scooters to more powerful BMW F700GS Authority motorcycles, but they all emphasised the ease of handling and the bike’s low center of gravity, and the personal satisfaction that comes from being able to use the correct techniques necessary to handle the 460 lb. (210 kg) GS. “I never thought maneuvering such a heavy machine would be so easy for my 60 kg [132 lb. ] weight,” said one of them, smiling.

Female Carabineers excel in transit services, and now they are able to broaden their scope of duties to convoy guarding, operations, rescue and much more – all with the safety of ABS braking and ASC traction control that will allow them to overcome any weather, any obstacle, and any difficult riding situation.

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