Hand-Brushed Aluminum Tank Added to R nineT Accessory List

Hand-Brushed Aluminum Tank Added to R nineT Accessory List

The BMW R nineT has been popular since hitting the market for its rugged charm and retro roadster looks. It’s also been popular among professional and home customizers due to the breadth of available accessories and a “modular customizing concept” design which allows for easier replacement of parts. BMW Motorrad continues to encourage its customers to personalize their nineT with two new aluminium fuel tanks.


The two versions both feature hand-brushed, gloss varnish over their aluminum skin but differ in their seams. One version has typical smoothed and invisible seams while the other goes for a more rugged look with visible seams.




Both aluminium fuel tanks are identical to the series production fuel tank with regard to shape, volume and weight. The new tank’s brushed surface is hand-crafted thereby turning each fuel tank into a unique object. In spite of all the hand-crafting involved, the overall workmanship of the fuel tank is said to meet BMW Motorrad’s high quality standards.

Pricing and availability in the US hasn’t been released but in Germany the version with visible seams runs €1,695 (about $1,810) while the invisible seamed version runs €1,795 (about $1,915). Both prices include 19% VAT in Germany and will only be fitted by BMW Motorrad partners there. BMW does say the tanks have been approved worldwide and will be available starting in May.

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